DevelopRx is a place to store walk-throughs, notes, reviews, hacks, rants, and handy hints on a variety of computer-related topics.


I’m an old Fortran programmer (not punch card old!). I have a tendency to forget exactly what I did a few weeks (or even a few hours) back.

I started writing how-to recipes on scraps of paper and stickies. Some notes were stored in an ancient version of Evernote (still working on Win7 64-bit). I eventually migrated online to have better access across computers.

This site is running on WordPress with a WP-Forge theme. I create content offline using Windows Live Writer 2012. There is an open source version of WLW now. I use the old version because my plug-ins still work.

DevelopRx Logo_50

I updated my logo using the WC_Font’s Wc Roughtrad font. Since everything here is constantly under development, I like the roughed in letters.