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HTMLy Flat-File CMS


If you’re looking for a “light” alternative to WordPress that doesn’t require a massive learning curve, PHP-driven HTMLy just might fit the ticket.

HTMLy a simple PHP CMS program that stores all the posts in Markdown. It’s also open source and free. It looks like recent development is a few months old, which is a concern. There is not a lot of documentation available either. Many of these applications are one-man shows. If this guy disappears, so does the program. The good news is that the github issue forum is active.

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Installing GetSimple CMS


Sometime long ago in this galaxy, not one far, far away,  I installed a LocalHost version of GetSimple CMS on Windows 7 XAMPP. 

GetSimple is an alternative to big SQL database-driven content management systems like WordPress. According to the site, GetSimple is an XML-based, standalone, fully independent and lite Content Management System. Without a database program, some of the security and complexity problems theoretically should go away. Plus, for smaller, less content-driven sites, there’s no need for the overhead.

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