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How to Install Semi-bold and Other Font Variations for Word/PowerPoint


If Microsoft Word and PowerPoint don’t recognize fonts styles other than bold or italic even if other styles are installed, there is a hack.

I found the perfect font to use for titles in a presentation, Raleway Semi-bold. I installed it and when I went back to PowerPoint, I had two options: bold and italic. So, where’s semi-bold? A quick search found that it’s a MS-Office problem. A hack around it was to remove all other variations of the bold font, except for the semi-bold. This would be great unless I wanted to use the actual bold font. My solution was to rename the Semi-Bold Raleway font and install it as a “new” font. 

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[Rx] How to Create a Screen Readable PDF

AFTER DISSECTING A FEW online magazines, I came up with a reasonable copy for readable online PDFs.

PDF Logo

  • Title Font: 20th Century MT Condensed Extra Bold, 36 pt, Blue (R68-G84-R106)
  • Subtitle Font:  Arial, 18 pt, Blue (R68-G84-R106), Spacing After 8 pt
  • Base Font:  Open Sans, 11 pt, Black, Spacing:  Single