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[Rx] How to Convert PDF to ePUB

epub02Converting a PDF to ePUB format isn’t difficult, but getting quality results seems to be nigh on impossible.

DevelopRx assembled a team of crack engineers (actually just me) to tackle this issue and solve it using readily available open source software (a.k.a. FREE!).

The process described in this article is primarily for text-based PDFs with common headers and footers otherwise known as “books.”

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[Rx] Foxfire Security Add-ons

ff001Life was simpler before we knew supposedly non-evil companies collected our every little click on the Internet and sold the data to the highest bidder.

Surfing the net, you can get tons of opinions but seldom a definitive answer on how to best protect yourself. It’s always an answer like, “it depends.” I’m not a security expert but this is what I use…

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Your Emails are NOT Safe

planetsThe planets aligned and I lost three years of emails. I had backups and, as a last resort, surely my host did too, right? Nope.

It’s too late for my emails. Maybe it’s not too late for yours. Here’s what happened and how you can keep your emails safe.

It started simple enough. I had some domains on 1 & 1 Internet, a web hosting company base out of Germany, and wanted to move a block of domains to another registrar. I’d been with 1&1 a long time and never thought much about support. Most of what I do isn’t exactly life or death. Continue reading »