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[Rx] Jupyter Notebook–-Select Browser

2015-10-28_091835Jupyter Notebook is an interactive computational environment to run code, add rich text, compute mathematics, draw plots, and add rich media–all in the comfort of your browser.

I have a variation of Firefox, Palemoon, running as my default browser. When I run Jupyter Notebook, I wanted it to open in the Chrome browser.

It looked like a simple command line switch would do the job:

Jupyter Notebook -–browser=”chrome”

That doesn’t work. I tried it without quotes and single quotes. I’ve got a bald spot on the side of my head trying to figure this one out. There’s not much on the web.

Here’s how to do it:

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[Rx] Adobe Brackets Missing Icons on Buttons

200px-Brackets_Icon.svgThere’s a really interest open source text editor built for web design called Brackets []. I installed it and started playing around. There were buttons with no icons or text.

The problem seems to come from installing a development version of Inkscape [] that added a conflicting value in the registry for .svg vector graphic files.

The best bet would be to remove any old versions of Inkscape first and see if your problem is solved.

I fixed this by going into the WIN7 registry and searching for .svg in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and  deleting the “Content Type REG_SZ application/svg” entry. Now, this is the REGISTRY and you can screw up some things if you delete the wrong stuff.

After editing the Registry, I installed the latest version of Inkscape 0.91 without any problems with Brackets.

Skeleton – Small & Speedy without WordPress

Healthcare-Skull-iconI like car camping. I can pack 2.4 tons of gear in the family truckster and head off into the woods. Because of all the extra stuff, I tend to do the opposite of Robert Frost and take the paved road most travelled. BUT, sometimes it’s good to go with just the basics. I take only what I really need and can fit that extra kid in the car.

WordPress is like car camping. When you set up a WP site, you’ve got baggage, lots of baggage. Even worse, it’s not easy being lean.  That’s where Skeleton, a responsive boiler plate can really help out.  

Here are some forks that may be better supported:

With CCS pre-processor:


Chromium Browser


We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know
where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking

– Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO

Chromium is the Open Source version of the Google Chrome Browse. There are some differences like auto-updates,  the integrated Adobe Flash Player or RLZ tracking. The binaries are available from:

There are also “better” versions with 20% less calories and no trans fat rolled out by other companies, such as Comodo Dragon:    End_Sign.12

[REVIEW] GNUcash 2.6.3 – The GNOOD, the BAD, and the GNUGLY


FREE. I love that word. It’s almost as good as Open Source. GNUcash is financial-accounting software for personal and small business all under an open and free GNU GPL . The only problem with a lot of open/free software is that you get what what paid for

Right off, you’ll probably have to whip out the documentation and actually read at least some of it to get started. What I wanted to do was to keep track of expenditures and also draw from an advance.

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