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Your Emails are NOT Safe

planetsThe planets aligned and I lost three years of emails. I had backups and, as a last resort, surely my host did too, right? Nope.

It’s too late for my emails. Maybe it’s not too late for yours. Here’s what happened and how you can keep your emails safe.

It started simple enough. I had some domains on 1 & 1 Internet, a web hosting company base out of Germany, and wanted to move a block of domains to another registrar. I’d been with 1&1 a long time and never thought much about support. Most of what I do isn’t exactly life or death. Continue reading »

HTMLy Flat-File CMS


If you’re looking for a “light” alternative to WordPress that doesn’t require a massive learning curve, PHP-driven HTMLy just might fit the ticket.

HTMLy a simple PHP CMS program that stores all the posts in Markdown. It’s also open source and free. It looks like recent development is a few months old, which is a concern. There is not a lot of documentation available either. Many of these applications are one-man shows. If this guy disappears, so does the program. The good news is that the github issue forum is active.

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[REVIEW] GNUcash 2.6.3 – The GNOOD, the BAD, and the GNUGLY


FREE. I love that word. It’s almost as good as Open Source. GNUcash is financial-accounting software for personal and small business all under an open and free GNU GPL . The only problem with a lot of open/free software is that you get what what paid for

Right off, you’ll probably have to whip out the documentation and actually read at least some of it to get started. What I wanted to do was to keep track of expenditures and also draw from an advance.

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