Dreaded WLW Split Post Bug


I still use Windows Live Writer 2012 for posting. There is a weird occasional software bug that deletes all the content after inserting a split post that inserts the html tag:


Most of the everything works as advertised. Maybe it’s something to do with changing a font or something after you set the tag. The result is poof–gone forever. It’s more than a bit irritating if you’ve already finished your post.

If you want to be safe, either wait until the whole post is complete and add the tag or just wait and do it within WordPress (safest option).

But Wait There Might A Chance to Recover. If you’re lucky there could be a html file of the lost post hidden away in a temp folder which I believe is created for the preview tab.

I found mine at:


This might be stored in a different temp folder for your particular post. Best bet is to search for the folder: “WindowsLiveWriter1286139640”. Inside this folder, there should be subfolders. I found my missing content in the most recent folder.


The easiest way to get everything back is to open the index.htm and from the browser copy the webpage with select all and then paste into a new WLW post. After all the content is back, reformat and make it look pretty again. Still a pain, but much better than rewriting from memory.