[Rx] Adobe Brackets Missing Icons on Buttons

200px-Brackets_Icon.svgThere’s a really interest open source text editor built for web design called Brackets [http://brackets.io]. I installed it and started playing around. There were buttons with no icons or text.

The problem seems to come from installing a development version of Inkscape [https://inkscape.org/en/] that added a conflicting value in the registry for .svg vector graphic files.

The best bet would be to remove any old versions of Inkscape first and see if your problem is solved.

I fixed this by going into the WIN7 registry and searching for .svg in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and  deleting the “Content Type REG_SZ application/svg” entry. Now, this is the REGISTRY and you can screw up some things if you delete the wrong stuff.

After editing the Registry, I installed the latest version of Inkscape 0.91 without any problems with Brackets.