[Rx] Install WordPress Theme Unit Data


When you’re in development it’s handy to have WordPress filled up with dummy data.

In order to test out a theme, you need some basic content. WordPress already has some content available for testing so don’t have to dream it up yourself (Yay!) called Theme Unit Test.

1. Save Sample Data from WordPress

Save the test data using Save Link As and follow the install directions from the WordPress website.


2. Run Import in Admin Dashboard in WordPress.

The first run of the Tools > Import > WordPress will install the importer plug-in (WordPress Importer) if it is not already installed.

If the plugin does not install and you get an error message that looks like:


You need to make sure that php_curl is enabled. Working on localhost, you can find this in your local web development PHP extension settings settings.

How to Enable php_curl on Uniform Server

  1. Press Stop Apache and Stop MySQL.
  2. Click PHP > Edit Basic and Modules > PHP Modules Enable/Disable and click the checkbox for php_curl.ddl.
  3. Press Start Apache and Start MySQL.


3. Run Importer.

In the Dashboard, Tools > Import > WordPress, press the Choose File button and select theme-unit-test-data.xml.

4. Upload Data.

On the next Import WordPress screen, make sure to select Import Attachments and then press Submit.


If everything works, you should get a message that says: All done.


Bonus: If you ended up with crap in your database, there’s a great plugin to reset your database called WordPress Database Reset. This won’t delete the actual files once you’ve imported them in, but it’s easy to zap them manually.