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[Rx] Fried Spam with a Side of WP Comments

spam01I had WordPress comments turned on for awhile and had a ton of spam about penis enlargement, Nigerian relatives, and how Candy wanted to make my wildest fantasies come true. I didn’t think these added much value (sorry, Candy), so I found a WordPress plug-in that turned off ALL the comments, appropriately named Disable Comments.

This adds a new item under the WP dashboard settings. I selected to disable comments everywhere. Harsh? Tell me about it.

[Rx] Variations on a WP Theme


I’ve been playing with the standard WordPress Twenty-Twelve theme and a variation based on Zurb Foundation, WP-Forge.

I played with some logo alternatives and manually entered the “Rx” graphic on the how-to post titles. It’s simple to do. In the title box, add your image location as:

<img src=””> The is My Post Title

  This is My Post Title

It looked a bit ugly in the WP dashboard because the “<img etc…” code/title pops up in all the post title listings. I’m just going to add [Rx] as text in the title. Simpler.

Offline WordPress

2014-11-15_175125I use Instant WordPress (IWP) for developing WordPress offline and I use  Windows Live Writer (WLW) tool for writing content. There was some sort of trick that I used to get WLW to work and I don’t remember exactly what I did. See boys and girls, why I need to document, document, document? Nuts. I know it had something do with the url address of the WordPress directory.

Anyway, I found a WLW 2012 portable via the ever-trusty Internet. This worked great until Windows Updater “helped” me out by overwriting my files with the latest and greatest. Anyway, this is just a note to let me know that it can be repaired. How? Beats me. Hopefully, I’ll write it up next time it happens (with screen shots and all!)